In addition to excellent gear and a great sounding room, some of the country’s finest session musicians are readily available at short notice to help complete your project. Dan also personally oversees every project as senior engineer and MIDI programmer. Ever wonder what your tune would sound like with an Indonesian Unklung holding down the groove? No worries! - With an incredible collection of samples spanning the last 20 years of his recordings, anything you can imagine can be programmed into your project in a matter of minutes.

Executive producers and artists with recording budgets of $15,000 - $100,000+ will realize far better results with Kite Bros. Music than any other production facility. All works are priced by the competed project, not by the hour, and include master recordings, session musicians, engineers, studio time, MIDI programming, and more.

Dan has preformed on, composed, and produced music for film, TV, Radio, Internet and CD since 1980. Comfortable with most genres, his work has appeared on advertising for Sun Kist, Coca Cola, and many others.

An accomplished programmer, guitarist and saxophonist, Dan has

performed on numerous CD’s, and released two of his own in recent years. He is currently working on a Jazz CD with acclaimed concert pianist, Zino Joon and a “World Music” CD with his wife, Daiel. Dan is also regularly performing as the lead guitarist and reeds player for the popular show band R&B, Inc.